Disable test retry until the next day


we have a customer asking us to achieve a very specific and weird result: 

- a user tries a test and fails

- the LO should allow the user to retry it .... 24 hours later.

I am aware this is something that any LMS, including my customer's, can achieve much more easily. But they keep telling me that for compliance reasons my LO should take care of that. 

Has anybody met this need before? Do you think that it could be possible to do this with a lot of Javascript? 

Thank you, 


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Massimiliano Ferrari

Hi Phil, thank you for your super quick reply. 

Yes, I am aware that the LMS would be the better solution. But the customer (although their LMS does have this feature) insists that he wants it embedded in the LO. 

I don't think they would accept pulling the date from an external source, since the web page would probably be blocked by the company's firewall. 

So I will try to go with some JS pulling from the system date, being aware that it could be fooled.