Disable trigger until audio ends

Mar 30, 2016

I'm stumped again.

I have uploaded a scene, the top-level slide of which has multiple icons. Each leads to a new slide. I don't want any of the icons to be enabled until the audio on the top-level slide has finished. It works fine on the first icon, but not on any of the rest, although the triggers are all the same (at least, I think they are). Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Shel

each of your icon hover states have a trigger 'jump to slide xx' but there is no condition on them - this was the issue we had yesterday with the layers having that additional trigger - it is confusing SL.

If you look at the icon hover state that is working - it has an inactive trigger attached so nothing is firing - it is working as you want.  But the other icons are jumping to those slides because there is a trigger telling them to.



Shel Holtz

Wendy, I have one more question for you on this same scene. At the top of each of the second-tier pages, I have an X, with both a NORMAL and a VISITED state. I have set a trigger to change the state of the text box (X) to visited when the audio completes, and a trigger to show a blank layer (with a trigger to go back to the top-tier slide) when the user clicks if the state of the picture is equal to VISITED. But, nothing's happening. It's the same on each of the six pages. I tried changing one to SELECTED instead of VISITED and changing the trigger to go straight to the top-tier page. No dice. Where did I mess up?

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