disabling iphone default player when going through a course

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone might be able to assist me in this.

I have developed a course that has quite a bit of videos. this works wonderfully well on iPad/tablet and laptops. However, on the iPhone, the default behavior causes the videos to play on the iPhone's own video player.

Here is the problem: my client wants videos that cannot be scrubbed and as such we have removed the video player in our package and used buttons to control the video. unfortunately when using the iPhone, the default player there with its own controls makes everything WRONG!

when we hard-coded the entire scorm package, we were able to prevent the scrubbing function when using the iPhone default player. would I be able to open to the published scorm package and touch the codes to prevent this behavior or would you be able to advise on other methods to do this. its like the last 5% to make my project a resounding success.

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Ali Goulet

Hey there Suresh!

Thanks so much for reaching out here! Videos playing full screen on mobile devices is expected behavior. Mobile Safari, for example, automatically scales videos to fit the screens of smaller devices, such as iPhones. (See Apple's developer documentation for details.)

Hopefully members of our community will be able to pop in with possible workarounds, as making edits to the published output isn't something we can provide support for. I do see you're also in a case with our Support Engineers, case #00994173 for my reference, which I'll keep an eye on as well. :)

Justin Grenier

Reeta and Suresh, we wanted to let you know that yesterday's release of Articulate 360 Build 3.3.9986.0 includes the feature you've requested:

New: Apple iOS 10 allows videos to play inline on iPhones, so we added this functionality to Storyline 360. Just publish your course and it’ll automatically work. (Older versions of iOS force videos to fill the screen on iPhones.)