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Jim DeRosa

I am having this issue currently with Storyline 360, and am not seeing the behavior as described in the link you provided. My multi-line text entry field automatically submits the interaction when the enter key is pressed rather than inserting a carriage return.

Can you provide more information about how to force it to work as described?

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Jim. If you're using a question slide, the Enter key will submit the response every time (unless you're using an essay survey slide). On a content slide with a text entry field, however, the taller fields will allow for the carriage return rather than submitting the text.

This example course includes a content slide, a graded fill-in-the-blank slide, and a short answer survey slide for comparison. What kind of slide are you using, and what kind of information are you looking to capture?

Yolanda Vosloo

Hi, I'm new to Storyline and was wondering if I can disable enter to submit. I have a question that requires multiple answers, so I want to go to the next line when the user hits enter and not to submit their answer. It works fine when I preview the slide, but not when I preview the project.  Or does anyone have another suggestion on how I can set this up?

Thanks in advance.