Discrepancies in course across devices

Jun 30, 2015

I'm hoping for some insights on a course I created. The course is very basic - Two videos and a 10 question quiz that must be passed at 80% or greater. I tested the course after publishing on our LMS on both a PC laptop, iMac, and iPhone. Everything ran fine up until I purposely scored lower than 80% and tried to retake the quiz. On both the iMac and PC, it ran fine and allowed me to go back through the questions. On the iPhone it would act as if I was reviewing the questions as the next and previous buttons appeared and I could not longer submit an answer, however the answer was selected since I set the slide to reset to initial state when revisiting. I attached the story file. 

On another topic, is there a way to review a quiz and set custom next and previous buttons rather than use the player buttons? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Karoline,

Thanks for reaching out here and I'm sorry about the issue you've run into with the course on your iPhone. I know that there was an issue in terms of resuming the course in the HTML5 output and it defaulting to Review mode instead, but that was fixed as a part of Update 5. Do you know which update you used to publish the course? If you're using Update 5 already, can you tell us a bit more about how the behavior occurs? Do you exit the course and resume, or just clicking on the "retry" button? Have you looked at the HTML5 output on your Mac in Safari or the PC in Chrome? Where are you hosting the course? 

The next/prev buttons are included by default in a quiz review, and currently there isn't a way to remove them just for the review. I have heard of users who looked at using a Chromeless player (which removes all elements of the Storyline player) and when doing so it doesn't leave any room for the buttons to appear - therefore you'd have to have custom navigation throughout, not just in the review. 

Karoline Keyworth

Hi Ashley,

It looks like I am running Storyline 5. On the iPhone I both tried the “Retry” button and exited the course and resuming. I looked at the published course on both Safari and Chrome but didn’t try the HTML 5 output.

So just to verify, there isn’t a way to remove the buttons for review?

Thank you for your help!

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