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Oct 02, 2013


I have published a storyline course for LMS and loaded the zip file into our LMS (Totara). When I go to launch the course in Totara with the iPad, the course does not display correctly i.e. the full course can't be seen as it has been cut off on the right hand side, which makes it impossible to click the next button. The size of the course must be too big and it is not scaling to optimal size within Totara. There is no scrolling mechanism for me to get to the next button. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get the courses to display optimally in Totara when they are viewed on an iPad or mobile device. The files display fine when launched from a PC, just not a mobile device/iPad.



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Trevor White-Miller

Hi Ashley,

On the same issue, the Articulate Storyline support pages state the following:

  • HTML5 Content Doesn't Fit in Mobile Safari in iOS 7
  • You may find that Articulate Storyline HTML5 content is too large to fit in mobile Safari on devices running iOS 7.

    This is a known issue. We're working to fix it in a free software update for Storyline.  

    I don't have the option of deploying the mobile app as my client, like Jayne above, is running the Totara LMS which does not support TinCan and tracking is required so it has to be html5.  Is there any update and date for the iOS7 fix for Storyline?



    Trevor White-Miller

    Hi Ashley.

    Regarding the issue of displaying html5 SCORM content on the Totara LMS (as originally posted above) I have been working with my client's LMS provider since Nov 13 to try and fix the display problem i.e. cutting off the right edge. Totara is based on Moodle. The vendor has been working on a fix on versions ranging from 2.2.9 to 2.6. With the failure to find a fix on Moodle 2.6 they have today informed the client they can't fix the issue on the Moodle SCORM player side of the display. This means the client no longer wants content authored in Storyline until a fix is found.

    Is Articulate aware of this issue with a combination of Moodle 2.6 and IOS7 and do they have any plans to release a fix?


    Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

    HI Trevor, 

    We've shared the issue with our QA team, and they're looking into it, but since each LMS has a different player set up it's definitely adding further complications. I had seen from a few users that Moodle 2.6 was seeing better results than previous versions of Moodle, and that it was something Moodle was also aware of and looking to fix, so I'm not sure if you're saying Totara isn't going to implement the fix or if Moodle isn't?

    Also, I know you've written in this other thread, but there are some new posts from Justin and Phil that may be of assistance to you - specifically Phil's mention of modifying the CSS or connecting with the author of the SCORM module in Moodle.  

    Dan Marsden

    Hi Trevor,

    Have you tried using your SCORM packages on a standard Moodle 2.6 site (not totara?) - We made a lot of improvements to the player in 2.6 which fix a lot of the layout issues - especially on mobile devices. Moodle can't backport these changes to earlier releases due to the rules around what can go into a stable release and it wouldn't be trivial for Totara to backport them into their earlier releases either.

    There is one outstanding issue with the layout in the Moodle 2.6 SCORM player that I am currently aware of - MDL-43011 - I have written a patch for that issue which will hopefully land in Moodle core within the next couple of weeks.

    If 2.6 and the linked bug above still don't resolve your issues (with plain Moodle) - feel free to open a bug in the Moodle tracker with details - but make sure you add screenshots of the issue and a copy of a SCORM package that allows us to reproduce the problem.

    Trevor White-Miller

    Hi Dan, and anyone following the Totara display issue.

    I have today made a fresh install of plain Moodle 2.6.1 and uploaded one of my test courses which is having the sizing issue on Totara. I'm still seeing the same display issue in plain Moodle.

    I'll wait for your Moodle patch for MDL-43011 to land and test again after update. If the problem is still present I'll do as you suggested and open a bug on the tracker with screens and a copy of the SCORM package.



    Andrew Downes


    I have a client experiencing the same issue. I notice that the content works fine outside of Moodle, but also that there's an additional screen with a nice blue play button before the content launches. Could that additional screen be resolving the display issue and why would Moodle skip that screen? 

    Any ideas appreciated. My client is getting in touch with Articulate directly for support too. 


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