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Hugh Kremer

I do freelance now, and have been doing e-learning in various forms for about 25 years. I recently interviewed with a very large “disruptive” car company worth about half a $trillion or so. They use Captivate. I was curious why, and the interviewer said that they use so many Macs. Badda bing

I bet Storyline is nowhere near IBM either, which has transferred a large percentage of their workforce to Apple. Their tech support for those employees dropped by about 80%.

There are still companies like Articulate that live in the old timey PC world and can’t see beyond it, think that “only hippies use Apple.” I haven’t known a single creative who, given the choice, would use a PC over Apple. I know lots who have to because their employers erroneously think they’re cheaper (they’re not, life cycle).

Adam Wells

I suspect their reluctance to make a version for the Mac is solely because, this would mean they have to develop a 64bit version. Which for whatever reason they have not done. Lack of 64 bit support causes many of us 'out of memory' and crashing issues. 64 bit has been out 20 years now, Articulate Storyline would get a performance increase if they did and it would set itself up for a Mac version.
Our company uses Macs and we are using Boot Camp Assistant. I recommend it, but we still need a 64 bit version for Windows and Mac. 

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Patricia Crowell

I have been a long time user and fan of Storyline, but when I switched jobs, my new boss would not pay for an additional Windows and VMware license to run on my Mac. Look at the length of this thread! The lack of vision and commitment to their customers is disheartening. Now it sounds with the new Macs the situation is even worse. Has anyone found even a close alternative to Storyline?  I have not, so instead my audiences have to settle for less interactive content.

Alexander Reid

Lack of 64 bit support causes many of us 'out of memory' and crashing issues. 

Well, that would probably explain why Storyline was so much of a poop show lately with Oracle Virtualbox.  I was getting severe freezing and crashing from simple things like going into the player menu / attachments section.  Parallels seems to handle it better, but that ended up entailing a $150 / year license just for this bloody application.  😡

Mac005 Asdu

I have put a ticket into tech support for a 64 bit version. They have tried multiple times to cure the crashing and out of memory problem for me and my team. All work arounds have failed, this is pure and simple a 64 bit issue. SL is a 32 bit application, therefore it can only address 4 GB of memory, anything extra you have is of no real benefit. A 64 bit system can address all of your ram and more, this massively helps the stability and functionality of the application.

Like others on here I know many who are actively looking at other solutions. We are ourselves doing the same, one of which doesn't use a standard off the shelf eLearning application, which provides unlimited flexibility.

Good luck and stay safe

W Gill

Hi everyone,

A couple of things to point out:

1. Matthew NAILED IT!  When I was out in San Diego a few of years ago, Articulate told me then, that they are not pursuing creating a Mac version of SL.  "It costs too much money." (Said the company making lots of money and could afford appealing to every user)

2. Articulate makes a load of money making a product that is easy for the masses to enter this elearning design market (Powerpoint).  

3. Captivate, even Lectora, is more robust than SL and the learning curve is a bit more steep.  Having to put VMW and a copy of WIndows on a Mac just to use to use a "handcuffed" app seems counter intuitive but that's the way Articulate made it and appears they like it.  

4. All of what we have input here has fallen on deaf ears at Articulate.  They have their niche and have made it quite clear they are not going to create a Mac based version.   I think it's about time we look at other authoring tools.  It's interesting that Adobe has invested the money into making their software usable on MS and Mac, yet they haven't gone bankrupt.  I would even argue that they increased their customer base too.  

Anyway, to all those who are Mac users, good luck with finding a solution and moving forward.  I applaud you and respect you.  

Carolyn Ali

Parallels and a Windows License for that environment also costs a not
insignificant amount of money. This prevents individuals with only Mac
computers from being able to take advantage of the only software that
provides the ability to make deeply interactive courses now that Flash is
no longer an option.

robert ten hove

Hi, Reading all these comments above, there is not much to add. The Articulate license is very expensive.... but additionally i have to use a PC for the sole purpose of using articulate software. The institute I work for (2500+ employees) recently decided NOT to continue with Articulate. Looking forward to a MAC alternative.

Kirsi TH

This is an enlightening thread! I am new to the field of instructional design. I just tested Rise with the free trial and was going to test Storyline before buying a subscription only to discover that Storyline doesn't work on Macs . . . Articulate, add me to the long list of customers you've lost because there is no Mac version. 

Wanda Blackett

Joining my comment to the already long list.  I too would really like to see a Mac version of Articulate Storyline developed.  I primarily work on my iMac computer, and have kept a PC computer for the sole purpose of operating Articulate Storyline.  That, however is about to change.  I work at a non-profit organization, and all of our staff are using Mac computers (I'm the only one that has a PC to run Storyline).  Now that we have more eLearning developers, we have had to find an alternative because (as much as I LOVE Storyline) no one else can access it.  And, yes, I'm aware that it can run on a Mac using Parallels - but, we are a non-profit and can't justify the added expense of several licences for not only Parallels but also the Windows operating system.  If that is going to be your response to users, Articulate, perhaps you should start including a free licence for parallels and Windows for Mac users if you don't want to develop a Mac version.

In the meantime, we are switching to Adobe Captivate.  Thanks Keith for posting about the upcoming version (hopefully Spring 2022) - Captivate is a great alternative to Storyline, and now with this much more user friendly looking version coming, Articulate may be about to lose a lot of customers to Adobe.