Does Articulate Storyline content ping the LMS to stop it from getting timed out?

Apr 02, 2015



I have read elsewhere that Storyline content does not ping the LMS to ensure that it doesn't get timeout while playing long-duration content. Can anyone confirm if this information is right?


What are the alternate ways available if Storyline content has to maintain a heartbeat pulse with the LMS?


Thank you!



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Sundeep Mukherjee

Hi Emily,

Appreciate your prompt response.

When I was building content using Flash earlier, I used to have a heart-beat code that pings the LMS at equal intervals to keep the session alive. In a similar fashion, I was using another tool, that had a built in code that will push the bookmark status to the LMS each time the user uses the Next/Prev button to navigate between slides, and this in turn will reset the session-timeout counter for the LMS. My question was to check if Storyline has a similar heartbeat code, or the functionality to push the bookmark info to the LMS each time the menu or the navigation keys are accessed.

Thank you again!



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