Does WebObjects preloads?


I have course (in HTML5) which have a lot of videos. I'd like to put them somewhere outside the course, so the published course don't weight somewhere around 2GB :) The question is - if I put a MP4 video in page and insert that page as a WebObject inside storyline, will it preload it as in flash (therefore first video, next three videos, and rest of the course) or will it start to stream once the right slide happens?

Also - since in HTML5 we have streaming, does timeline 'play along' with streamed video, or when my movie freezes for 3 seconds, the slides goes forward, and some synchronization problems will occur?

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Crystal Horn

Hello, Mateusz!  Web objects are not loaded until your learner reaches that slide.

In HTML5, videos are progressively streamed.  If you have your video set to start automatically, you expect your video to be in sync with the timeline.  When your video is published, Storyline encodes it for "faststart."  When launched, Storyline does as much loading, as quickly as possible to prevent synchronization problems.

That said, if your video is extremely large, or if your bandwidth is poor, it is possible that the video can get out of sync with the timeline.

If you have an example where this is happening, I'd be happy to have a closer look.  You can add your .story as an attachment in your reply.  Thanks!