Dowloading content for use with the Articulate Mobile Player


I’m using the Articulate Mobile Player to view a presentation and when I select “Available Offline” my iPad displays a popup asking me to connect to a Wi-Fi network to download the content.  I have Wi-Fi access turned off but have my cellular data access turned on. Why is the player not using that access to download the content instead of  looking for a Wi-Fi network?



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Adrian Dean

Hi John,

This thread goes over someone trying to upload the content to their iPad via usb rather than use WiFi. It doesn't mention wireless data at all. Thought it might still be useful for you though.

Here is another thread from later on where Gary was able to transfer files to his iPad via usb and then get them to play using the Articulate mobile player.

As far as my answer goes, I would think that WiFi would be more cost effective than using your data plan. That's my opinion anyway.

It appears from my searching, that the Articulate team thought so too based on the lack of information for this.

Hope the usb thing can help if you can't use WiFi,


John  McFadden

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for that info. I understand you have to have the content posted on a server to download it, which I do. I also agree that the Wi-Fi would be the most cost effective but it seems strange that you wouldn't have the option to use cellular access when Wi-Fi isn't available.



Peter Anderson

Hey John and Adrian!

Currently, the only way to download content for offline viewing on the Articulate Mobile Player app is through Wi-Fi. This is an Apple requirement that we enforce on our app. Sorry for any inconvenience, but wanted to confirm that you're not running into anything unexpected or buggy. Thanks for the post

Adrian Dean


It looks like these were just added.

Wi-Fi is required to download content for offline viewing.

How to view Storyline content on an iPad without an Internet connection

Hope these help,