Download Certificate and Exit Functions Issues

Nov 25, 2015

Hello my dear articulate community,

Is there anyone who can help me on this issue. My client is needing it urgently so I need to fix the issue right away.

We are having issues with the download certificate and exit functions in the Corporate Induction course.

When user clicks on “Exit” after successfully completing the quiz, the course is not marked as complete or passed.

When user clicks on “Down Certificate” after successfully completing the quiz, user is returned to the login screen.

Can you please help me on these issues as a matter of urgency as we have had a lot of staff who have completed the course but records are not updated.

When the course is launched, it goes to a different site other than Docebo:

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Primie -- Sorry to hear of your difficulties, but let's see what we can do to help! First, have you had a chance to test your course in the SCORM Cloud if you are publishing for LMS to see if it behaves the same way in that environment?  You may also find these links on troubleshooting LMS issues to be of value:

Troubleshooting LMS issues

How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud

And, as you mentioned this matter is urgent, you are certainly welcome to reach out to our Support Engineers immediately using this form to submit your case for review. :)

Primie Q

Hi Christie, thank you for the response.. We are still having the same issue but we remove the download certificate button instead.. but there's still issue which is the story keep on opening on new browser eventhough I already uncheck the launch to new browser settings.. Is there any other reason why the storyfile behave this way?thank you for your response!


Christie Pollick

Hi, Primie -- Thanks so much for your follow up, and it seems even more clear to me now that what you are experiencing is an issue that could be related to your LMS. I'd like to recommend that you reach out to your service provider to determine why it's being redirected, and please feel free to share an update here, as others who may experience a similar issue may benefit. :) 

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