Download storyline content for offline viewing

Oct 29, 2021


We want our users to be able to download storyline 360 courses/content into their devices for offline viewing, or when there is some internet connectivity issue. 

I have read quite some articles regarding this and learnt that before when flash was being used, articulate provided this feature using their Articulate Mobile Player. Now I see that they have discontinued this feature.

I just wanted to know that is there any other way possible to achieve what we want? 


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Judy Nollet

When you publish a course for the web, you get a folder with a set of files that look like this: 

Double clicking the story.html file launches the course.

For someone else to view the course offline, you'd have to transfer that full set of files and provide instructions for how to launch the course.

However, there is no way to track quiz results or course completion when it is done offline like this.

  • For tracking, a course needs to be in a Learning Management System (LMS) or Learning Record Store (LRS). Storyline uses the LMS/LRS to save info about the user's progress. And that also requires an internet connection.