Drag and Drop

Oct 10, 2012

Hello All!  I am trying to create a drag and drop quiz where, if fail = start the DaD quiz again.  I have 5 tasks that they need to put in order of operation.  If they fail, I would like to reset the tasks (shuffle if possible) and have them attempt it again...it's not working.  Current state = if they fail, it tells them they failed and that's it.  It doesn't move the tasks back to pre drop position...and they can't be moved from current dropped position.


Thanks much.....Lisa

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Lisa Struebing

That will work, however, if I add a trigger to the Try Again layer, it does not shuffle the choices...it just pushes them all to the right in the order they were placed by the user...I guess it's not a deal breaker, but it would be nice to have the slide replay with the choices shuffled....is it possible to suggest that enhancement to the developers?  Thanks Justin!

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