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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Melody!

I'm seeing your hints and feedback when I took a peek at your course. 

If you are looking for the hands to stick for submission, looks like you may need to set up some triggers to adjust the states when drop correct. Otherwise the layer is disappearing and the hands are still in the hidden state, right?

Not sure where we are headed here, just thinking outloud with what I saw :)

Walt Hamilton


I see two problems:

1. The hands don't stay on the clock when they are moved to the correct spot.

2. The hands jump to a spot above the middle clock when dropped.


The background rectangle is above the clocks, so wherever the hands are dropped, they are intercepted by it. In the sample, I moved it down below everything.

Using a copy of the objects as drop targets isn't working. You have to drop the hands to the exact pixel both directions to hit the target, and it takes a special skill to do that. I created a rectangle (rectangle 2) to serve as the drop target for the red hand. The target has no outline, but a green fill so you can find it. You will need to set its transparency to 100% before you turn it over to users. If you set it to no fill, it won't catch dropped objects. I created rectangle 3 to test the hint layer. It has a red fill, and is the drop target for the 3:50 long hand. I would delete all the hand targets and replace them with invisible rectangles.

Here's the complicated part. By listing the background in the triggers, you have made it a drop target. Since it is not listed in the Form View as a target, you lose control of it, especially how objects behave when dropped on it. That's why the hands congregate in its center no matter where they are dropped. To prevent that, I listed it as an incorrect target in the Form View, which causes another problem. Now hands dropped on incorrect targets won't return to their initial location.

You have to choose, and here are your options.

1. If you list Background in the trigger, the hint layers will show, but hands dropped on it will snap to its center.

2. If you list it as a drop target, but without a corresponding object, hands dropped on it will return to their initial spot, but the hint layer won't show.

3. If you do both (which would be my preference as the best compromise), the hint layers will show, but hands dropped will stay where they are dropped.

If you remove the hands that are targets (and I think you should), you will need to designate the clocks as incorrect targets, and put them in the triggers in place of the hands so the hints will work.

I made these changes to the 1:00 long hand and clock 1 in the attached story.

Any questions, just shout.