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Jan 23, 2015

Hello Heroes:
I am using this drag and drop that might look familiar.  ;) I downloaded it from this community.  I have been using it in a module.  It seemed to have some lack of clarity issues from users, so I tweaked it a little.  Now, I am having function issues.

When the user drags the marker to either target, a slide layer appears giving feedback, and then I want the user to click "Submit" to go to the next slide.  As you see from the attached slides, in most cases, the "Submit" button becomes shaded (unclickable) when the user drags the marker, and they cannot advance to the next slide.  For some reason, if the user drags to the incorrect answer in slide 1.1, the submit button DOES NOT get shaded and you can advance.  But that is the only time it works.  I can't figure out why.

I was about to post this issue, when I tried changing the button to "Next" instead of "Submit" and that worked!  No shading issues.  So I have a solution, but I would rather use the "Submit" button if I could get it to work.

Can anyone see what I am not seeing?

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Sarah,

Sorry you're having issues! I had a look at your file, and I think I know where the problem stems from.

When you insert a drag & drop question or when you convert to freeform, Storyline automatically inserts feedback slides. The default feedback slides include a "continue" button that allows the learner to move on to the next slide when they've finished the exercise (see screenshot).

From what I can see, it looks like you've personalized your feedback slides, and in doing so you have deleted this button. You can either add the Next button, as you have done, or you can add a Continue button back onto your feedback layers, and manually add the triggers (hide this layer, jump to next slide).

Hope that helps!


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