Drag and Drop Issue - How to make objects that don't have a drop target turn "incorrect" if dropped somewhere

Sep 08, 2022

Hi Everyone! 

I have what sounds like a very basic question, but I can't find an EASY working solution. I'm building a drag&drop with the following elements/mechanism:

  • 7 objects that could be potentially dragged
  • One drop target
  • Only 3 of these objects are the correct objects to drop into the target 

Mechanisms I need: 

  • I need the activity to result CORRECT if the learner drops the 3 correct objects into the drop target (and they have to turn "green") --> this works
  • I need the activity to result INCORRECT if the learner drops more objects into the drop target --> this works
  • I need all the objects dropped into target to turn either "green" or "red" depending on whether they were supposed to be dropped there or not --> I can't make this work; correct objects turn green, but the incorrect ones don't, and from my understanding that's because for Storyline they have not  been dropped into an "incorrect" target... but that's because they DON'T have a target. 

I have multiple solutions that I have already used in other situations, but they require a LOT of additional variables and triggers, I don't have the budget for this specific project. This time I decided to ask because maybe I'm not seeing a simple solution :) 

Thank you for any suggestion


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valentina todoro

Thanks Judy! But that wouldn't work either I think, because then if users don't place the object in that "hidden" drop target the activity result would always be wrong, even when the objects that should not be dragged remain in their initial position, where they should indeed stay. Or am I missing a setting? :)

valentina todoro

Thank you both very much! I can see it's working in the case you recorded (thanks for the recording by the way!)

BUT, I do have a Submit button in my case, and I need it because I can't tell learners if they are doing right/wrong as they move objects around, they need to complete their "selection" and than see if they were right. Now, let's say I drag the correct object into its drop target, and I don't touch the triangle and the square (which would be the correct solution for the exercise); what would happen to those two shapes as soon as I click submit? I think they would turn red because they are not in their correct drop target (the one outside the slide) and the exercise would be considered wrong. Or not?

I may be missing your point but I can't see how :)

valentina todoro

Thank you Tom! That's brilliant :)

I'm going to ask you if you can think of a easy/quick solution to make the incorrects return to state "normal" - or not turning into "drop incorrect" - if they are dragged outside the target before clicking submit, let's say the learner changes her mind. 

What I'm thinking is to create an additional invisible shape that covers the rest of the slide on the left of the target and add a trigger that changes the state of  the incorrects to normal when dragged over/dropped on this new shape. BUT, some spaces around the circle may not be covered (and I also have funny shapes in my real project). 

Or is there an easier trigger I'm not considering. What do you think? :) 

Joanne Chen

Hi Valentina,

The easiest way is to set incorrect ones to turn "red" when submitting whether they are dropped on the target or not. It makes sense to me to tell learners that the options are incorrect. However, if you really need only dropped incorrect options to turn "red", you can use the intersect/end of intersecting triggers to change the state of incorrect options. I modified Tom's story file to mock-up.

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