Drag and Drop items disappearing Sporadically

May 28, 2018

Hi there,

I recently republished a course I built in SL3 in SL360. Everything seems to have gone smoothly except once my QA tested the course on their machine.

I was viewing and testing on my Windows 10 machine and had no issues. They opened and tested on their Windows 7 machine. They are experiencing a lot of disappearing drag items sporadically when you drag them around the screen.

Not sure if this is a Windows 7 issue, or just a weird bug as part of converting a SL3 file into 360 but thought I'd mention it here to see if anyone's come across anything similar. My plan is to rebuild the activity from scratch next to see if that fixes the issue on the Windows 7 machine.

Also, apologies but I don't currently have permission to post my files. For reference this is a standard Drag And Drop Freeform build. Drag item has a Normal State and a Drop Correct State.

Thanks for any input!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey David, 

Thanks for including those details! Strange that the problem would happen on Windows 7, but not on Windows 10. Can you tell me a little more about this file?

  • Did you publish it for Web, LMS, or something else?
  • Where did you host the published content for testing?
  • Does the drag item disappear before or after clicking the "Submit" button?
David Breen

Hi Alyssa, 

So after more testing I've come to a few conclusions. This is published For CD. We are launching the story_html5 file directly in Chrome.

I've also realized it happens across windows 7 and 10. It seems to be an issue if you enlarge your browser window larger than the optimal size developed at.

So Published For CD

Not hosting. It's meant for Teachers to view directly from their hard-drive.

The drag Item disappears while you're dragging it. It will disappear and re-appear a couple times before it stays. Almost seems like it's not properly loading the image.

This is only happening to my drag and drop activities that I originally built in SL3 and then opened and republished in SL360.

Aside from trying to rebuild all of them from scratch in SL360, I'm going to try and update both SL3 and 360, and then open my old module in 360 and hopefully it helps.


David Breen

Thanks Ashley,

I have submitted a case as updating my version of SL3 and 360 did not solve the issue.

I think I've narrowed it down to all of my drag and drops that I created in SL3 then converted to 360. If you launch the Story_html5 file directly in Chrome and view it in your browser any larger than the optimal size, every drag disappears and flashes when you drag it down near the bottom of the screen.

If you wait like 5 seconds before doing anything, this seems to fix it. Like it needs that extra time to load the image or something.

I'll post anything I find out in case anyone else has run into this problem.

Pia Steiner

Hi Ashley, do you know if this bug was resolved? I’ve just discovered the same thing with a course in Review. We’re on Windows 10 and using Chrome. All of the Draggable items disappear off the screen. I’ve checked all my triggers and states and the items are clicked as ‘always show on screen’. Can’t work it out. 

David Breen

Hi Pia,

My SL360 files were submitted for testing and it was viewed as a bug. Although it seemed to be contained to my particular files. Articulate was unable to replicate the bug on any of their files or devices. 

I ended up publishing to the Modern Player instead of the Classic Player which fixed the issue for some unknown issue.

Sorry, wish I had a more helpful response for you.

As for your drag items, what is the scenario that they are disappearing? Is it on screen load or is it once you start dragging them? Mine only disappeared if you dragged them Down to the bottom 3rd of the screen. if you dragged up or left to right they did not disappear. 

Anyway, hope some of that is useful.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Pia,

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue.

Your issue sounds like it may be a bit different. 

Do you have a background graphic on your slide? If so, we do have an issue filed where some drag items are being hidden by the background graphic.


  • Change the Shuffle behavior to None
  • Remove the background shape or graphic

Just let me know if that's what you're seeing and I'll be sure to add it to our report.

Mary Peek

I also am having an issue with disappearing drag and drop items. For me it occurs when I attempt the quiz the second time. I have 4 items and when I start to drag the items around, two of them disappear! What seems to be happening sometimes is when I drag an item to a new match. The match that was already there doesn't move and remains hidden behind the moved one. But this is not consistent. I'm on the latest v3.17.16188.0 version of Storyline 360.

Can you tell me if this issue has been fixed and when we can expect to see it in an update? We use a number of these types of questions in our courseware.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Mary! It sounds like the problem you're seeing is a little different than the bug Leslie described above. 

Really strange that two of the four objects disappear -- is it always the same two objects?

If you don't mind me having a look at your file, that would be really helpful! You can do a 'Save As' to create a copy of the file and remove all slides but the drag and drop. Then, you can attach the single slide to a new reply here. 

Mary Peek

I discovered how to resolve the issue. I had triggers on the Try Again layer so when the learner clicked the Try Again button, the layer would be hidden and they would jump to the slide again. That way the learner would see the slide with the items separated like they were visiting the slide for the first time. So I removed the second trigger that jumped to the slide again and the problem went away. The learners now see, on their second attempt, what they chose for their first attempt which I think is more helpful anyway. btw I tried setting slide properties to both 'Reset to initial state' and 'Decide automatically' for Revisits.

Let me know if you'd still like to see my .story file and I can share it with you privately.

David Breen

I recently updated my SL360 from 3.16 build to the newest 3.17 and ALL of my drags are invisible. Are my only options turning off randomization or Deleting my background? Because neither of those are options.

I need both the randomization feature and a background image. Are there any other fixes?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lori,

Thanks for reaching out to share your concerns. Sounds like you have the most recent issue David described?

As I mentioned above, we have prioritized this issue and it is on target be a part of the next update. 

I know you mentioned urgency and we do have some workarounds:

  • Change the Shuffle behavior to None
  • Remove the background shape or graphic

If those will not work for you and/or you cannot wait for our next release, please reach out to our support team directly here.

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