Drag and drop multiple answers in drop target

Feb 09, 2021

Hi guys,

Does anybody here know if there is a way to allow multiple answers in a particular drop target?

In the attached pngs, you will see an example of how the drag and drop question is set up. The answer is only corrected if all of the draggable items are placed in the correct column, disregarding the row, but the answer choices have to be matched with one another (distinguish in this case by color). 

Wonder if anyone here knows a workaround for this or has a solution to this particular situation? Thanks!

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Ian Israel Saavedra

Hello Zi, based from the requirement you provided, it seems that for the quiz to consider a pair to be correct, they have to satisfy two conditions: (1) they have to be on the correct column i.e. A or B, and (2) they have to match the correct pair i.e. same color.

This doesn't seem to be possible when done on a single quiz. My suggestion is to test each of these conditions into separate quizzes. For instance for the first quiz, test the learner's ability to classify to which group does each of the items belong to, by doing say a Freeform Drag and Drop. On the next quiz, provide the first group of items as the choice, then match the correct pair from the second group, by doing a Matching Drag-and-Drop.