Drag and drop - play sound for incorrect drop

I'm sure there are posts on this subject but using the search term 'drag and drop,' nothing is returned.

My drag exercise is simple: 8 tiles (draggables), five of which have a correct drop target and three of which have a correct target but it is basically off stage - meaning that there is no correct target for those three.  I just added the dummy drop target to enable me to fill out the question drag and drop form for all eight draggables. That all works fine.

I would like to play a negative feedback sound when the incorrect ones pop back.  I can add a trigger to the drag items in question (the incorrect ones) to play a sound (let's say: display a layer with only the sound file on it) when that object is dropped.  That works. But I can't get the drag object to pop back to the original position when I add the trigger.  It seems the trigger interferes with the activitiy designated in the drag and drop question pop up panel. 

I can use the incorrect drop state to show the incorrect drops are wrong.  Would it be possible to add a sound to an drop-incorrect state?

Has anyone encountered something like this.  It seems I must be overlooking something simple but I can't put my finger on it.

Thanks in advance.

-Marc Lee

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Emily Ruby

Hello Marc,

I did a test file, and you can add audio to a trigger when an item is dropped on the incorrect spot, however it does seem to overwrite the snap back feature on the drag and drop slide. This is because "snap back" is not one of the triggers you can select.

Here is a link to an older thread that might give you some more information.

Here is tutorial on personalizing your feedback that may give you some other ideas as well.

Hopefully other members will join in with any other workarounds they may know of!

Robert Milton

Hi Walt, thanks for the reply.  Tricky!  I thought of using a motion path, and then discarded the idea as too cumbersome.  But a path of 0,0 makes sense.  I'll give it a try.

I've run into another annoyance - after the user drags an object to a correct target, the object is still movable.  I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble, but I thought one workaround might be to set the state of the object to hidden, and replace it with a duplicate.   Anything simpler come to mind?

Thanks again!