Drag and Drop RESET option

Is there anyway to add a RESET option when creating a Drag and Drop activity. I love using the Freeform options when creating quizzes but it would be nice to have a RESET button on Drag and Drop questions when students don't get the correct answers and to make it easy for them to Try Again.

Is a Reset option something they can add to a future update under the Drag and Drop options?

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Michele Morgan

I did it a different way. I created a empty slide and placed it in front  of the slide with the drag and drop interaction. Add trigger to RESET button to have it jump to the empty slide. Then program empty slide to jump to the screen with drag and drop as soon as the timeline starts. It looks pretty seamless. :) I will, of course, have to hide the blank page so it doesn't show up in the menu.

Walt Hamilton

Here is a sample that contains lots of nifty options for custom DnD, including resetting to default state or not. The concept is that it depends on what the submit trigger does. It uses the Submit trigger to either submit a pick One interaction on the same slide, or on a separate slide. On the separate slide, the Try Again button returns to the original slide, which is set to return to Original state on Revisit, which resets all the Drag objects. If you evaluate the results on the same slide, the Try Again layer just hides itself, and the objects remain in their dropped positions. You can see it in action on the Simple Graphic example at:


Jean-David Lafontaine

Hi Gerry! I know this is a bit of an older post, but what a great solution! It was easy to set up and works great :) 

I noticed a small bug though and was wondering if you might have a solution. I tried everything and cant seem to fix it. It seems like storyline remembers what you answered in ur first attempt (because the quiz isnt truly resetting).. so if u answer something correctly on the first attempt, but then leave it and dont drag it at all on ur 2nd attempt, the state of the object still changes to 'correct' when you click submit on the 2nd attempt. Am I making sense? lol let me know what your thoughts are!

Gerry McAteer

Hi Jean-David, yes you are making sense and after looking at it there doesn't see a way to reset the first correct condition of a single object to target without having to set the base layer to 'Reset to initial' and then place a trigger to jump to the drag/drop slide.  So the scenario would be to keep any correct placed items on the relevant target and return the incorrect when the try again button is selected. Please see attached (added a conditional on the move trigger for each of the objects).