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Walt Hamilton

Here is a sample. You can drag the square, but not the circle, because the square has a drag trigger attached to it.

Not to tell you your business, but using the built-in drag and drop gives you a lot of additional options, like what you can make it do when you drop it. You can delete the submit button, and the feedback layers, if those are what is giving you problems with the built-in. Then it will act like a normal slide, but with alternatives for the drag object, like the second slide in the example.

Play with the two slides, and see which best suits your needs.

Tina Verhaeghe


Here's a screenshot of the slide we want to create drop

Actually it's a type of drag&drop, but the problem is that several drop items are the same. Example drop item "6 months" can be dropped in de columns LOA Privé, Prof and VAB. So we couldn't use the free form Drag&Drop... With a video posted on this community we thought we had found the answer (they say we need to chose free form pick one and work with triggers), but by chosen pick one free form the objects (in yellow besides the tabel) aren't movible anymore.


Tina Verhaeghe

Hi David,

yes, that's the goal. When all the items are dropped on the right places the "correct layer" should appear. We just need to be aware that some items can be dropped on multiple cells in the table, for example "6 months" can be placed in all cells of the row "minimum looptijd".

David Jordan

I DLed the file you attached, however, it is a .zip that does not contain the .STORY file. you need to attach the save file. when in story line when you save, it creates a file

[w/e name you chose].Story

We need that 1 file attached.

based on your post i think this is fixable, im expecting just a small problem, or missed step. 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tina!

I was able to take your file and change the file from .zip to .story and open.

I took a look at your file and it seems that your triggers were not set up properly.

Looks like you have most of them set up as your Object to be the slide 1.1 Pick One, which explains why the objects are not 'draggable'.

Hope that helps!

Tina Verhaeghe

Hey everyone,

and thanks Leslie! With your help it works...

Just for next time I drop a file in the community: I just saved the project, on my computer it generates a .storyfile that I browsed when uploading an attachement to my post. Is there a reason why U see it as an .zipfile? Am I doing anything wrong?

Thanks for the help everyone!