Drawing from Question Banks and Certification

Feb 19, 2013

How do I get 15 randomly chosen questions to load from a total of 20?  I've read the tutorials and can't get it to work right.

Secondarily, how do I add in a certification page at the end?  I've followed the string with Steve's suggestions and the placement of the gif and html file after publication.  It's not really working for me.  Also, I want to display the person's name and their % of success.  How do I do this?



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Peter Anderson

Hi Jessie!

We can probably help with the first part of your question, regarding randomly-drawn question banks. If the excerpt below from the main tutorial doesn't help, any chance you could share your file, either here or privately

  • If you want the questions to display in a random order in the published story, select the Draw Questions Randomly check box.
  • If you choose to randomize your questions, you can also use the Include drop-down list to specify how many questions you want to include in this particular draw.  (This option will not be available unless you randomize your questions.)
  • Use the Include In Shuffle column to specify, for each question, whether the question will be Randomly displayed (which is the default option), Never displayed, or Always displayed.

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