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Dec 08, 2015

How do I draw a number of questions from different banks please?

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Ademola Johnson

Hello Nadilah,

From your question, i want to assume you have different question banks with questions and you want to draw questions from them differently bu have a single result slide to display the accumulated result.

If that is the case,

  • Insert a new quiz slide (1) and Click on Draw from bank (2)  Select the Question Bank (3) you want from the drop down Then select the number of questions (4) you want to draw from that question bank. You can also decide if the questions should be randomly selected or not. then click the insert button at the bottom of the dialogue box.

Repeat this process till you have inserted new slides containing the question banks you want to feature in the assessment. 

  • Create a Result slide after the question slides. From the Calculate results for drop down, choose "selected questions" then tick all question banks you drew questions from in the previous step.
  • Set all result parameters and click ok

If this doesn't answer your question, you might need to explain better so we have a better understanding of what you want to do.

Ademola Johnson

For projects I have worked on, I always have an assessment introductory slide (a slide just before the assessment) - this slide contains instructions basically ; the passing percentage, the number of questions to be answered and duration of the test (if applicable) etc. 

The introductory slide also contains the direct link to the assessment page - the link could be a custom button with trigger as you have said (jump to Slide (slide containing the first question bank)) or the default next button with the trigger tweaked to jump to the question bank slide

REMEMBER that this question banks are being called by different slides and are arranged sequentially therefore the next button at the end of one question bank slide would take you to the next question bank till you get to the result slide (This would not make learners know they are moving from one question bank to the other).

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