Drop incorrect state changes when outside drop zone

Feb 14, 2017


I've set up one correct drop zone and two incorrect drop zones. I've added state changes so shape changes to correct/incorrect state if dropped on correct or incorrect drop zones. There are also layer triggers so once a shape changes state it shows either an incorrect or correct layer. I only want the incorrect state to change once it's been dropped on one of the incorrect drop zones but what is happening is as soon as you move the shape it triggers the incorrect state and layer. Any advice?


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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Looked at this but couldn't figure out why it's failing when you drag and drop over a non target. I removed background images/object and noticed it didn't make the drop over incorrect exactly. It allowed you to re-drag the item but still acted as though it had made it incorrect.

I'll look at this again tomorrow if no one figures it out before then.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Andrea,

When you use the default "Drop Correct" and "Drop Incorrect" states, the object will change to the "Drop Incorrect" state when the object is dropped anywhere outside the correct drop target, including the slide background.

Have you tried using custom states instead, such as "Correct" and "Incorrect"? 

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