"Duplicating" a slide when it is a Lightbox does not...


Very often I create a "Lightbox Scene".

So..I create one, delete the "jump to next slide when user clicks" Trigger which gets inserted, then "Duplicate Slide" to prepare my Scene full of Lightboxey Loveliness".

But when I "duplicate", the darned Trigger always gets added back in.

Sometimes it gets accidentally left in and some time later everything goes screwy until I spot it and delete it.


Surely "Duplicate" should be that - not "Duplicate and assume what I want to do".

Is this a bug, feature, quirk or deliberate attempt to confuse people who suffer from occasional bouts of dullardness like me?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bruce, 

It looks like this occurs with any slide - not just one that is called as a part of a lightbox correct? It seems to add that trigger no matter what - even if there is already a trigger on the slide you're duplicating to jump to another slide, it added the standard "jump to slide" trigger.

I'm assuming this is a bug, so I'll share it with our QA team for clarification and will post back any updates here for you.