Duplicating states on buttons

Mar 05, 2013

Hi, I'm very new to SL.  I inserted a button onto a slide and editted the colour and format in the states.  I then saved the button as my default.  When I inserted the next button, the normal colours were correct but the colours of the other states had not come across.  I know I can copy and paste, but I actually want these states to be my standard ones throughout the whole project.  How can I save these as my default states?  Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere.

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Luke Benfield

I would try creating the buttons you want on the slide. Then, edit the design and content of one of them to make the states as you'd like. Finally, select that button and use the format painter to copy the formatting over to the other buttons. This should pull fonts, color schemes, and state settings. 

Works for me every time and makes my life a lot easier. Good luck.