E-learning standard for timing of 'fade in' text

Help please.

Had a look at various resources on the web on this topic. Many different approches to this standard.

Do you chunk sections of text to fade in or fade in line by line at 'fast readers pace'?

Also, what should in fact be the standard for fade in time in order to enhance the customer experience to the e-learning?


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Jan Vilbrandt

I do not use single lines but paragraphs (sometimes) to fade in.

If you fade in single lines you are outbraking the learner - in my opinion.

Even if you fade in whole paragraphs one learner will tell you that it is to fast. The next lerner will tell you that it is to slow....

Why? Because everybody has his own reading speed.

My conclusion to this: I do not believe in "standard fade in times" because I think there is none.


My solution to this:

Sometimes I offer a "next" button on a slide right beneath the last text/picture part, so the learner can reveal the content of a slide by his/her own reading speed. There is another benefit to this method:

The learner takes action... from a learning methods point of view it is better to have an active learner than a passive - readonly - learner.