Echo from mp3 imported and edited in Storyline 2

Jun 04, 2016

I imported an mp3 audio file into Storyline 2 and used the AudioEditor to edit it. When I preview the slide that I inserted the audio there is a terrible echo.

What can I do or should I have done?



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Trevor Smith

I scrolled down to see the bottom of the slide and there was in fact 2
audio tracks. I deleted one and the echo was removed. The other tip that
helped a lot was recognizing that I had to treat the audio editing
separately in terms of saving from the Project. I am not happy with the
fact that there does not seem to be a save and continue option in the audio
editor. It is save and close.

Trevor Smith


When I save and close the Audio Editor what is the quickest way to continue
the editing process? Sorry to be boring the experts but if I am typing a
Word document after having done my Save As I can simply Save and continue
without leaving the very spot that I was at. I did not seem to be able to
do that with the Audio Editor. I wanted to clip Save clip etc ...not Save
and Close. Enlighten my darkness!!!

Walt Hamilton

Seriously, Word works so well at editing because it was designed for that purpose. The strengths of SL really lie in another realm. I appreciate that there are rudimentary audio, video, and graphic editing capabilities in SL. They are invaluable for quick, small touches, but for real editing, such as what you are describing, I always use a dedicated program designed for the job. Even Paint and MS Movie Maker do those things better, especially if you have numerous changes to make, or heavy lifting to do.

Understanding the strengths and limitations of the programs I use greatly improves my workflow.

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