Edit Audio window - Issue with freezing/play button disables

Jun 13, 2013

Hello, I've been using Articulate Storyline for a few months now and am having increased issues with the edit audio window. I'll be in the middle of editing the audio, and deleting bits where I goofed up, and I'll press the play button to continue listening and all of a sudden the play button doesn't work. I'll click it again, and it will turn back to pause, and then again and it will turn to play, but no audio will play and the timeline will not move. So, essentially it appears the window is frozen. The "save and close" button will not work, so I have to X out of the edit audio window. Thankfully, I can save my project, but I have to close the entire thing, and then re-access the project for it to work again. However, it won't save the last slide I was on (the audio changes that I was making at the time did not save.) This is starting to happen every 2-3 slides that I am working on, and is making the process take much longer than it should. Please help! Does this happen to anyone else? Not sure if this is an issue with my computer, or a known bug, or if there is some way I might be able to fix this... Thank you for any help in advance.

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Lindsay Owen

Hi Leslie, I am using Windows 7 and so I was following the steps for "Windows Vista or later." Step 2 says:

2. Locate your Articulate Storyline installation file. If you can't find it, download it again, and save it to your computer. Use the download link in your product confirmation email, or click here.

Neither I nor my IT department can determine which file is the "installation file." None of the files include the word "install" (other than the license install file) or "setup." If we chose the articulate.exe file and right click and "run as Administrator" the articulate storyline program starts, but there is no "repair" option anywhere. We have looked in the "help" menu, clicked the articulate "a" in the top left, clicked the question mark, looked in the storyline "options," but nowhere is there a "repair" option. I went to the "click here" link in step 2, but do not see anything about the installation file...

Not sure where to go from here.

Can you review your steps that are given at the repair link you provided and ensure they are accurate?

Thank you for your help,


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