Editing image so it shows within circle shape

Can someone help me with the steps to layer and edit a character image within a circle shape in Storyline? I know it is possible, but can't seem to get the layers right so that the character is cropped appropriately inside the circle. Obviously, I can do this with a square easily enough, but I want it in a circle.

I will try to attach a picture of the character image and the circle, so you can see what I'm trying to do and how part of the character image is below the circle.

Layered Images so far: background image, picture of character, circle shape.


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Diana Myers

Hi Anna,

I found one way to do it and make a quick (very rough) screenr on the steps.  Insert picture, crop to perfect square, then change picture shape and add whatever effects, borders, etc. that you want. 

Here's a link to the screenr and I attached the .story file for you if needed.

Hope this helps!


Sandra Collins

You can also add a shape (such as the circle) using the drawing tools, then add a Picture fill, instead of a solid color fill. You might need to play around with your photo a little, such as cropping, to get it to show up just as you want. Then you can add whatever effects you'd like as well.

Wes Davis

Hey Guys! I found a super easy way to do this...

INSERT > Shape > Select the Circle/Oval > Draw your shape...

Right Click the Shape > Format Shape > "Fill" Tab > Select "Picture or texture fill" radio button

You have options of what picture you want to add. Deselect the checkbox to "Tile picture as texture"

I hope this helps people in the future!