Editing triggers in hover states

Dec 03, 2015

I've created buttons with hover states that include objects with triggers. Now I can't edit the triggers when I edit the hover state - they are greyed-out. Help?!


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Andrew Dunn

Hi Brian

The file is a bit big to share. I'm sure the objects with triggers are on the hover state and not on the base layer. I attach a screenshot. Hopefully it is clear that the hover state triggers are greyed-out. The published file is viewable here: http://learn.phsa.ca/bcch/hip/ 

The issue is that I added a trigger to the normal state, and this is over-riding the triggers on the hover state. I want to move the trigger on the normal state onto the hover state, so that users have to hover before they can access any triggers. The idea is to create a submenu structure. The buttons along the top link to the first slides in individual scenes

Brian Allen

Can't really tell from the screenshot what the problem might be...

This doesn't really help you with your issue, but an alternative suggestion on how to develop the same thing using layers rather than states...  I sometimes find states cumbersome to work in, especially for complex stuff like what you're doing.

You could accomplish the same thing using layers, and triggering different layers by hovering over a button or object.  This would allow you to manage your triggers in a much more efficient manner.

Either way you go you can build these navigation elements on your slide master, making it easier to make updates to the navigation when needed.

Brandon Harper

I see this is an old thread, but in the event that anyone finds this...

I have found that you can actually place triggers on objects in a state. You have mentioned hover, but I like to use "selected" - same concept. You need to build the objects outside of the state and add the appropriate triggers. Then you can copy or cut the objects and past them into the state of another object. This will not only copy the visual object, but also the trigger associated with it. 

The problem that I found is that you cannot edit the triggers on objects that are part of a state. In this case, I cut them off the selected state, paste them onto the base layer, make the changes and then copy and paste them back into the state. 

It sounds complex, but it's really not. I have found that it makes creating drop downs for variables work well. I have also used this concept to create custom menus. I have attached an example. Hope that it is helpful to someone :-)

nagesh chitari

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for replying.

Ok. I am trying to add triggers in hover state. It is not applying action for layers but applying for applying for slides. So i am looking for layers in action when triggered.

Dropdown menus are made in hover state which are not showing layers in same slide when published.

Can you help out please.

Brandon Harper


I just saw your reply from this morning in my inbox. I am sorry I did not receive a notification for the prior post. 

I downloaded and it works as long as I upgrade the file into my current version of Storyline (360). 

When you create the triggers to go with an item, create them with triggers in the normal state. Once they have been created, then copy the item and past it into a hover state. The triggers will follow the item as long as it is the Object. 

If you would care to share a copy of what you are trying to do, I would be happy to take a look and help where I can. 

Carol North

I discovered this trick with states yesterday, as once the state changed I wanted the user to advance to the next slide by clicking on a button the box that had changed state. I created the trigger on the base slide directing it to the relevent slide then cut it and pasted it onto state edits . Works a treat!! I was so excited by this that I came here to see if anyone else had found this so I could share. Brandon, I see you have too 👍🏻☺️


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