Hover out doesn't return to previous state

Feb 17, 2020

I am having a small problem with Hover states.

I created a rectangle and added an image to the rectangle (can't just edit the text of the rectangle because of Arabic problems with Articulate).

The rectangle shows the translation when hover, the picture on the normal state disappear, but when I hover out it doesn't appear again although I set return to normal state when hover out.


I am attaching the a sample story file.

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Mariam,

Thank you for sharing a video of what you are seeing! Similar to Walt's experience, I am not able to repeat the issue described either. Could I have you try a simple repair of Storyline to see if that resolves the issue? In case this helps, I also wanted to share some best practices to help avoid unexpected behavior when creating Storyline projects.

Please keep us updated on how that works out!  

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