Elapsed time capture

Sep 13, 2022

Hi everyone.

I am creating a project whereby we have a simple button to Begin. When the Begin button is clicked, a new Get Ready layer is displayed. The Get Ready layer is then displayed for a short time (3-10 seconds) using a time_to_run variable that is set randomly when the Begin button is clicked.

When a counter (using two more layers that show/hide each other every second) reaches the time_to_run value, a Click Now layer appears, instructing the user to click/tap the screen.

What I would like to do is capture the time taken between the Click Now layer appearing, and the user's mouse click or screen tap. Naturally this timeframe is going to be quite quick, and so I'd like to capture this time in milliseconds.

Any help how to capture this timeframe would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Ray.

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John Morgan

Hi Ray,

Storyline 360 has elapsed time variables for scenes, slides, and entire projects but it doesn't look like we have them for layers. If you'd like this feature added to Storyline, you can submit a feature request. When any news about this becomes available, we will update this conversation.

In the meantime, I'm including a link about the current time-lapse features that are available.

Storyline 360: Elapsed Time Variables

Thanks for reaching out!

Ray Parkinson

Hi John.

Thank you for the response.

I have already explored the three existing elapsed time variables, but unfortunately, they map time in ways that don't help in resolving my objective (unless someone has an idea how to manipulate them to do so).

Hopefully, some of the wonderful Storyline Guru's in this forum can suggest a workaround or another method.

Thanks again.