Electronic Signatures

I have seen a few older posts, but I am wondering if anyone is aware of any progress regarding using electronic signatures. I would like to eliminate paper for our record keeping and assessments as all paper gets scanned and recorded electronically anyway.

I work for a construction company, am using Storyline 2 for content development, Oracle UPK as our platform and Tablets for training / assessment of our employees in the field. Classroom based training is not an option for me.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Lee Walters


We need to have student sign their name before they can commence a Storyline course. I think the only was is to create a Text Entry Question slide and include javascript so the user can upload an image to the textbox.

Using the technology http://jsfiddle.net/vacidesign/ja0tyj0f/ what steps would be used in Storyline?


There are various conversations but nothing that seems to accomplish this.





Matthew Bibby

Brian, digital signatures are legally binding in nearly every country when implemented properly.

There are some different standards that need to be considered when working internationally, but services such as Adobe Sign (prev. EchoSign) and HelloSign take care of the details in a seamless way. For more info, see here.

Matthew Bibby

Hi Caroline,

Adobe Sign has a free plan I believe, but it wouldn't be suitable for what you are trying to do. It's more for getting contracts signed etc. I just mentioned those services and linked to that article to show that digital signatures are legal.

Are you using an LMS? If so, it takes care of authenticating your users. So all you really need to do, is have the fact that the user clicked the box to confirm that they have read the material recorded by the LMS. You'll then have evidence in the LMS this user Fred Flintstone logged in on Fri 9th Sept at 9.15am and clicked the box that confirms that they have read the material. 

That being said, I'm not a lawyer and if you work in a highly regulated area, this may not be sufficient. But for the vast majority of workplaces, this would be more than sufficient in my opinion.