Embedded and Inserted Videos not auto-playing in Storyline 360 Project?

Jan 18, 2018


Is anyone having trouble with videos auto-playing in Storyline? I've been trying everything to get a short video which was edited in Premiere and made into an mp4 video file to autoplay in a Storyline project I'm working on. I've inserted the video and triggered it to autoplay once the user visits a particular slide... but with no luck. I've also made sure that the "Play Video" selection on the ribbon is set to play automatically... still nothing. Then I've tried embedding the video into the project from YouTube then Vimeo... both options didn't work. 


Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?



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Developer 1

I just found a solution that seems to be working ok. Storyline seems to detect if there's a video on the first slide of a project but does not detect a video on a slide you're resuming on. However if it knows there's a video on slide 1 of your project, it will still present the chrome 66 fix play button even on slides you resume on. I've simply made an extremely tiny, lightweight video and placed it off stage on the first slide of my project. Now, with it resuming automatically, the play button is presented on every slide upon resume which guarantees videos will autoplay if the resume slide contains one.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks, Brett for sharing that here. I'm happy you found a solution that'll work for you, and our team is looking into the behavior where resuming on a video slide requires the learner to click the play button again if the course is set to Always Resume. If you enable the prompt to resume, that would allow the video to play automatically. 

Zuzana Urbanek

I found this thread in looking for a solution to autoplay also. I am embedding Storyline 360 projects, published as videos, into a Rise 360 course. I'd like them to autoplay but I can find no settings anywhere before or after publishing to allow for that. They always appear as a blank screen with a "play" triangle on them instead. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Cathy!

Is the video embedded on the first slide of your course? If so, a play button will appear in Chrome if the first slide has media on it. This article covers more details:

Clicking the play button starts the course and allows the video to play. After learners visit the course once, they shouldn't see that button again. 

Videos that are not on the first slide should autoplay as expected (unless the slide is set to advance automatically without user interaction).

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