Embedded Vimeo video not showing full screen button.

Dec 15, 2016

I have embedded a video in Storyline 2 but it is not showing full screen button. I have tried both web object or direct video link on slide. But none of them showing full screen button.

I also read in release note of updates 10 that this issue has resolved in updates 10. I am using updates 11.

Please share some work around.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nitesh, thanks for reaching out! We do have documentation that states we provided a programmatic solution for this issue in Update 10 for Storyline 2. However, I just want to double check a few things before we investigate further.

  • How are you testing this behavior? Are you reviewing the content in it's intended environment and in a supported browser?
  • Are you uploading the published content to an LMS? Some LMSs don't allow website videos to toggle into fullscreen mode.
  • Are you viewing the content with Flash or HTML5?
Donna Sutherland

I have this issue too.

I'm embedding Vimeo videos into Storyline 2 and uploading to our LMS (Totara), but the full screen option is no longer there. I have been in touch with support but their suggestion is to have all videos open in full screen, which just isn't an option for us.

I've been in touch with our LMS dev team and they have assured me that Totara is functioning as it should, I can confirm it does add the necessary attributes (allowfullscreen, webkitallowfullscreen, mozallowfullscreen) to it's iframe.

I really need to find a fix for this, Nitesh, would you be happy to share yours?


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