Embedding a PDF in a Web Object, with the PDF in External_Files?

Hi All!

I have done a search and can't find an answer to the specific issue I'm wondering about...if I want to embed a PDF in a web object, does it have to be stored on a web server somewhere? Or is there a way I can link the web object to a file in the story_content/external_files?

Attached is an image of what I'd like to do, but it doesn't quite work like that.

Web object 

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Walt Hamilton

Insert a Web Object is used to allow you to link to an object that is out there somewhere on the internet, some place where you don't have control of it. If you are wanting to use a PDF that somebody has posted on the web, Inserting a web object is the way to go. If it is a PDF that you control (it physically resides on a computer that you can access), then you want to use the Jump to URL/file trigger. Use this icon to navigate to the file, and select it.


When you publish, SL will make a copy of the PDF, placing it in the external_files folder. That way, somebody that doesn't have access to your computer will still be able to see the PDF.

FYI, this is one of the few places you can change a published SL project. If you keep the name the same, you can replace the file in external_files without having to republish. :)_


John Reddinger

Thanks Walt! However I believe your solution would open the PDF in another window/tab.

What I was wondering is if there is any way to display the PDF in the Storyline player itself, like with a Web Object. But while keeping the PDF in the story_content.

I'd rather not have to host the PDF somewhere else, so I guess I'll probably just need to link to it using the Jump to File trigger.