embedding Storyline into Moodle

Hi Guys,

so I can embed a SCORM package into Moodle and the grades pass etc all good.

However... I want to display the first slide and not this in the main topic area. 

Yes, embedding an iFrame is OK if it is an external HTML link but scorm passes data and need an uploaded zip... not individual html files...

any ideas?

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Lance Elliott

Hi Michael,

mmmm.... I could but would still get the Moodle page listed above after the first click which then links to a new window... within a window...

I can directly iFrame index_lms_html5.html into the topics page but the results don't seem to attach to Moodle... see below.

does that help?


Joe Deegan

Hi Lance,

This is something I've never figured out how to do with Moodle.  If you want the score to be tracked in Moodle you need to be accessing the "manifest" file and I don't think displaying the manifest file will do the trick.  I think your best option may be to have it open in a new window.

Dan Marsden

sounds like you just want the Moodle setting "Student skip content structure page" - this setting allows students that are logged in to skip that entry page. It doesn't work when a teacher/admin is logged in because that page is the only place that links to SCORM reports - so if we skipped it for teachers/admins you would not be able to find the link to reports! - I do want to fix that at some point though.

Lance Elliott

Hi Dan,

thanks for pointing out that setting... yes it does what you'd expect however... it still opens the link in a new window "parent"... and is not very engaging as a link.


The video iframe contains story.html but it will not pass results to Moodle.

I want to insert the Storyline project into an iFrame like in the video but  index_lms_html5.html but get 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Adiya,

I'm not sure if folks are still subscribed here, as the post is a bit older - but you could always use the "contact me" button on a ELH users' profile to reach out to them directly!

Are you not able to open or upload any SCORM content into Moodle or you're looking for specific on how to embed it?

You may want to share more specifics on the publish SCORM Settings you're using, and what Moodle version you're working with.