Encountering a 404 error when I upload my SL 3 project to our LMS

Can anyone tell me why I keep getting a 404 File or Directory Not Found error after publishing my SL3 course and uploading it to our LMS stage? There are no resources attached to the training.

After I use our internal process to upload it, I can see and test the training and my LMS colleagues can also access and open it as well.  However, when I register others in the training to test it, some can access it and others can't.  

I actually published and tested 8 classes and of the 8, two continue to receive this error.


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Katie Riggio

Welcome to eLearning Heroes, Valarie! You're in the right place for help. 🙂

First, let's see if we encounter the same error in another LMS environment. A quick and easy way to check is to upload the output file to SCORM Cloud, a free industry-standard tool for LMS testing. The outcome there will tell us if the problem is related to your Storyline or LMS' output.

Let us know how it goes – and with your permission, we can help test the .story file, too! If that works for you, please upload the file privately to our Support team here. They'll delete it after they nail down the culprit!