End of Course Review Test

Feb 24, 2018

I need help with the following - or - pointing me to a thread that would answer my questions.

First, I need an end of course exam, (30 questions, all multiple choice).  I have 60 questions in the test bank.  The state law requires students to retake the exam if they do not make a 70% on the first attempt at the 30 question exam.

If the student passes, they can proceed on to print out their certificate and complete the course.

If they fail, (less than 70%) they must take a second exam, (30 new questions) but they cannot take any of the previous questions taken during the first exam).

How can I set this up to move students on to completion, or, make them take the second exam?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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David Tait


I haven't tried this but wanted to share my thoughts.

Set up two Question Banks each containing 30 questions, lets call them A and B.

Now create a Results Slide for Bank A. On this slide you'll have two layers, Passed and Failed.

On the Passed layer you can add a button to allow the learner to navigate to the certificate.

On the Failed layer you could have a button to navigate to Bank B. This bank would also require a Results Slide. 

Again, if the learner passes the test, allow them to navigate to the certificate via the Passed layer, if they fail you can tell them so via the Failed layer.

Hope this gives you some ideas as to how you could proceed.

John Mayfield

Thank you for your reply, David.  I will try this today!  I was beginning to get a bit discouraged to the discussions for Articulate.  This use to be a very robust conversation area where you could get help and the last week or two I have found the responses to be light.  

Again, I really appreciate your helping me!


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