May 13, 2014

I've created a course that includes a licensing exam. At the end of the exam, I created a results slide that has two options, depending on the student's exam results. If they score 70% or higher, they go to a certificate of completion slide that will print out the certificate. If they fail, it gives them the option to retake the test. The problem I'm having is that I do not know how to clear the test results for them to retake the test. As always, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks as always.


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Mike Taylor

Hi Rocky! Have you enabled the option on your Results Slide to "Allow user to retry quiz"? That should display a button on the results slide for anyone who doesn't pass that resets the quiz and allows them to take it again. 

On your Results Slide, if you click the Edit Result Slide button and then click the options tab you should see the check box to enable this. 

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