Engage imports but does not publish from Storyline

Hi ,

I'm facing a challenge publishing imported Engage from Storyline.

The engage file imports perfectly, shows up under story view, even shows up on preview.

Of course preview does not allow the full functioning engage.

To check that I have to publish.

When I publish for web, the engage slide is completely blank.

I have both Studio '09 & Storyline on my PC, both are licensed and working.

Has anyone else faced this - pls let me know the solution.


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Peter Anderson

Hi XAn, 

How are you viewing your course? Be aware that Engage interactions in Storyline work as expected in the default Flash content, but they're not supported in HTML5 or the Articulate Mobile Player app for iPad. For a full comparison of Storyline's Flash, HTML5, and Articulate Mobile Player output, click here.

Can you send us the .story file so we can take a closer look at what's going on? Thanks!

Doris Smith

I'm having a similar issue.  I published a course late last week and then checked to ensure the Engage piece was working properly.  It was for me, but when my CIO looked at the course, the Engage piece did not work.  I've tried deleting and re-importing just before publishing.  Sometimes it seems to work, but then if someone else reviews the published story, the Engage piece just shows a blank slide. 

I am publishing to the web and viewing through IE8, not through the Preview.  My CIO did the same thing with different results...frustrating...

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Mark.

We are still exchanging files with XAn in an effort to assist him.

In Doris's case, she was affected by a bug in the integrated Flash Player for Google Chrome, but you have stated that you are seeing the problem in Firefox.

If you'd like, we'd be happy to take a closer look at this. Please submit a case using the link below so our support team can assist you further, and please do include your .story file:



Marloes van Wouw

I also get a blank screen for the Engage interaction in the lightbox slide.

When publishing, I deselected the html 5 option and tried to publish in Web and LMS format, but the Engage interaction still appears blank. The courses are viewed in IE 8 and unfortunately I cannot test another browser (due to IT rules).

Justin Grenier

Hello again, Marloes.

The Submit a Support Case screen should look like this:

In addition, you will be able to upload your .story file on the second screen, after you click the "Send request" button.

I see above that your IT staff restricts you from using any Internet Browser other than IE 8.  If you are unable to view this page in IE 8, I would recommend working with your IT staff to see if they can help you submit a support case.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Tracy.

We have a mixed bag to report on this one:

  • Doris was affected by this bug.
  • We found that the problem was irreproducible in the file that Marloes sent us, so we asked her to follow these steps.
  • XAn, our records show that Cleo asked you to upload your Engage interaction (.intr) file for our review, and we haven't heard back yet.
  • I don't see where any of the other community members above opened up a Support Case, so I don't have any further information to share.

If you'd like to share your files with us, Tracy, we'd be happy to take a deeper look at the problem.  Thanks!