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Feb 19, 2013

Hello,  I'm tasked with converting a rather large project under a strict deadline.  I'm new to Storyline but have managed to get everything imported and updated with the exception of quite a few Engage interactions.  I would rather not rebuild these from scratch but I can't import Engage into this project since it will be used by clinicians and needs to be viewable on mobile platforms (html5).   I see where there has been some sharing of templates and wondering if anyone has recreated the pyramid or straight arrows across the bottom with hotspots to flip the screen.  I also note the cute little audio clips when rolling over buttons anyway to recreate this is Storyline - sorry for these newbie questions. 

thanks, Sharon

p.s. it would be great if Articulate would translate a basic set of what is currently in Engage for Storyline (that publishes to html5)  it seems a lot of work for everyone to recreate the wheel?

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Jerrie Paniri

Wow - thanks for working this out for the rest of us! 

Now I have a similar issue to emulate a FAQ interaction in Exchange.

I have a good idea on the basic characteristics: Question behavior is to toggle between expanded/closed; Questions that follow the expanded question move down: The expanded question bar changes color. There is no navigation restriction.


 I'm hoping that someone has already created this in Storyline!

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jerrie,

I haven't had a lot of time lately to make any others, but I certainly want to! I may add your request for a FAQ interaction to my wish list :)

Just curious, are you looking for one designed more along the Engage '09 look and feel, or more toward the Engage '13 design?

Engage '13:  Here's a very quick example.

Engage '09:  Here's a very quick example.

The functionality is similar, but the design and navigation are a bit different. Do you have any preference?

Also, if anyone else would like to share their feedback on this, please do!

Thanks very much :)


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