Engage wont display automatically inside Storyline 360

Hi, I have converted a Presenter 13 course into Storyline 360 and having a playback issues with the multiple step Engage interactions. Quizmaker pages are not affected. 

When you come to the "slide" that the Engage should start, it comes up grey with a white circle where the rotating dial usually appears. If you click the page anywhere, Engage will start.

Anyway to get this grey box gone?

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Katie Riggio

Greetings, Neal. I'm sorry you're seeing that!

Does this problem only happen in Chrome? We're currently looking into an issue where Engage interactions in Storyline 360 show a play button in Chrome, regardless of what media gets added. 

If that doesn't match your scenario, I'd love to take a look at your .story file with your permission. You can send it privately to me by using this link. I'll delete it after troubleshooting!

Katie Riggio

Oh no, Neal. I'm sorry that happened!

Did you see an error message when trying to open the project? Have you had a chance to check your Temp Files for any working versions of the course? 

Those clues should help shed more light on where things went wrong, and we'll troubleshoot further from there!

Also, thank you for confirming that detail on the browser. I'll add your experience to the bug's report to keep you updated on any new developments!