Entrance animation/exit animation - can we do emphasis?

Sep 07, 2012

I would like an object in Storyline to pulse repeatedly from the beginning to the end of the timeline. In PowerPoint I would use an Emphasis animation - is there a workaround in Storyline?

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Ant Pugh

Thanks for the replies guys - I think I'll definitely add this as a feature request, the technology is obviously there as Phil mentioned, should take too much time to add that as a state...

... animated states.. woaahh... I'm already getting excited

Thanks for the suggestions - I don't fancy creating a flash animation and videos are maybe too clunky, so will give Bruce's idea a go first.. 

Happy friday :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Todor,

We still use Entrance and Exit animations in Storyline, and we also have motion paths now. There aren't specific emphasis animations included. This discussion is quite a bit older and I haven't seen a lot of requests for it since then which does help us prioritize features. Take a look at how we figure out what features to add next here. 

Troy Ashman


I really wish the animations were more enhanced, especially since the development of HTML5 and CSS animations. This is something I've requested before and feel somewhat restricted and limited on. I just wish Storyline360 even had the 'morph' transition from PowerPoint and overall some smoother animations etc.