Error for publish and preview

Oct 14, 2014


I want to preview or publish my storyline e-learning course. I get an error report every time. What shall I do?

I can't publish or preview at all?  The error looks like this.

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Nhung Vu

Hi Wendy,

I also have the same problem. I tried to uninstall SL and reinstalled the latest updated version, followed all the steps you suggested but it still doesnt work. 

I had filled in the error message but no support returned so far. 

I have attached my project here, can anyone help me fix it?

Many thanks,

Wendy Farmer

Hi Nhung

with the exception of the font I don't have installed on my computer VnCommercial Script, the project file is working fine for me in Preview and Publish.  I am just a forum user, I am not Articulate staff

Have you tried creating a new story file and importing your file in? If so you may need to log a support call to get help with your install.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nhung,

That error message box sends statistics and information to our Quality Assurance team about overall issues and performance but there is no way to reach out and contact you through that. As Wendy mentioned, you may want to connect directly with our Support team .

I also took a look at your .story file and also didn't experience any issues. Were you only haven't a problem publishing the file? Can you confirm you're following along with the information here?