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Apr 30, 2019

Hi All,

We are trying to create this course but every time we try to review it, the correct/incorrect answers are wrong, i.e showing the 'correct' panel across the bottom but showing a red border around the correct answer instead of a green border. If you move backwards and forwards through the review slides, this border sometimes changes? I know we can add our own review slide to show over this, but does anyone know why this is happening in the first place?

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Ian Tecson

Hi Janita,

I went and checked a past inquiry about this and found this answer coming from one of the staff. It might help you with your concern.

"check that your slide properties are set to either 'Resume saved state' or 'Automatically decide' vs Reset to initial state"

let me know how it goes. 

Also, here's an article regarding how to adjust slide properties.

Hope this helps. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Janita! I'm seeing this behavior when I host your project in SCORM Cloud and view it using Internet Explorer and Edge. You can test my output here.

I'm going to document this behavior for my team to have a closer look. Let me know if you're seeing this behavior in other browsers as well. I'll keep you updated on any changes!

Janita Proud

Thanks, crystal. We are seeing the behaviour prior to publishing as we preview the course. But when we published the course, the behaviour was still present (see link)


If you review the completed slides more than once (without retaking the course), you will see the review feedback changes each time. 

It seems that that this is an error in the software, not how the course has been created? 


Crystal Horn

One more update: I've isolated the behavior to adding an image to a word bank question slide. I tried moving the images to the slide master, but the same issue occurred. When I removed the background images, I had a consistent experience when in quiz review mode. The answers were all marked correctly. 

I realize this workaround isn't ideal, but I wanted to offer it to you in case it was helpful!

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