Error Message

May 10, 2021

Hello everyone, I would love your help in the next error message I encountered.
The message occurs whenever I try to set a trigger that contains if conditions
When I try to select objects within the if, the message in the image immediately pops up.
This is not a problem of a specific objects because I tried it on different objects.
This is not a problem of a file that is too large/heavy because I tried to do it on a completely new and empty project that contains only one slide and still the error jumped.
I turned off and on a computer, logged out of the user and reconnected, uninstalled and reinstalled the storyline360, uninstalled and reinstalled all the articulate360
Nothing helped ... the message pops up and throws me out of the software.
Anyone encountered? Anyone know what to do?

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Ren Gomez

Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear Storyline is crashing when you attempt a trigger with conditions. I tried to replicate the issue, but everything worked as expected for me in Storyline 360 Update 51.

Would you mind sharing your sample file with our support team to take a closer look and do some testing? Thank you!