Error message when viewing Storyline project on iPad

Oct 04, 2012

Hi all,

I'm hoping somebody can help me on this one - we are testing out how well storyline works on an iPad but have come across a bit of an issue.

We published a project to our LMS (Totara 1.9) and then viewed it on an iPad: I had already installed the mobile player app but we need to track the course, and since our LMS requires a login I tried viewing it on Safari instead. Although it runs a little slow it was ok - until I kept getting the following error message: ' a required parameter (scoid) was missing'. It would then boot me out and take me back to the home page.

The message would appear at various times: sometimes I would get halfway through, other times it would happen just after I clicked to start it. I was not getting this message when viewing the course on my laptop via firefox.

I've been searching through various forums for an answer but nobody seems to know what causes this error - can anyone help???



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Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Hannah.

For most any LMS-related issue, this blog post is the place to begin.  You also want to be certain that you are packaging your published content properly for your LMS.  Also, be certain that you have contacted the Support Team for your LMS, since they are best-equipped to tell you what your specific error message means.

If you wind up empty-handed after reviewing the links above, I would next recommend comparing the performance of your content at SCORM Cloud.  If you cannot reproduce the problem there, this is likely an LMS-specific issue, and you will want to generate debug logs and supply them to your LMS Provider for additional troubleshooting.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

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