Essay questions

Nov 29, 2023

Hello, I am new to storyline 360. I have some questions about essay questions. 

1. How do I retrieve the submitted essay question?

2. Is it possible to use automatically insert the retrieved essay question answer in a separate slide or ideally, story?

Thank you!

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Judy Nollet

If you use a Survey Essay question, Storyline will send the response to the LMS if you include a Survey Results slide. Or, as I understand it, the response will also be sent if there's a Graded Results slide, as long as you include the Survey question(s) in the QUIZ SETTINGS of that Results slide. 

  • How you retrieve the response(s) depends on the LMS. So talk to your LMS folks. 

An essay question uses a text-entry field. When a text-entry field is inserted, Storyline automatically creates a text variable to store what is entered. That's known as the variable's value. 

You can show any variable's value in a text box (or in the text within a shape) by typing the percent sign, the variable name, and another percent sign (for example: %textEntry%). Or you can add it via the Reference button on the Insert ribbon.

A variable's value is maintained throughout the course, so you can insert a reference on any slide. However, you can't show the value of a variable from another course. (Well, at least, you can't with just Storyline functionality.)